Philosophy of Engineering Sciences

Programme Summary

Major: 13.04.02 Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

Degree: Master

Course units:

  1. Subject area of philosophy of science. Basic forms of the science existence.
  2. Structure and forms of scientific cognition. Empirical and theoretical levels of scientific cognition.
  3. Engineering sciences as a separate branch of knowledge. Classification of engineering sciences.
  4. Main periods of scientific development. Development stages of engineering sciences. Technical revolutions.
  5. Scientism and anti-scientism. Ethical issues of modern science and technology.
  6. Origin and development of philosophy of technology. Main areas of modern philosophy of technology.
  7. Relationship between science and technology at different stages of technological evolution. Specifics of engineering.

Course contents:

  1. This course will give you an idea about multiple forms of human knowledge, the correlation between truth and misconception in human life and the functioning of knowledge in today’s society.
  2. This course will give you an idea about the values human activity is based on.
  3. Definition of the basis for proactive attitude, introduction to philosophical issues associated with one’s future professional area;
  4. Giving an idea about the specifics of philosophy of engineering sciences;
  5. Introduction to main areas of philosophy of engineering sciences;
  6. Reinforcing one’s skills of working with both full and abridged philosophical texts;
  7. Developing one’s skills of critical perception and assessment of information sources, developing one’s ability to logically formulate and defend one’s view on issues and how they can be resolved.


  • Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  • Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  • Office-hours.

Total hours – 108

Total points – 3

Laboratory classes – 15

Midterm assessment – Examination

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