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Practical Training in Italy

It is the 3rd year when NMSTU students travel to Italy for practical training and internships at Danieli.

This September Master’s students Platon Tulupov (Department of Automated Electric Drive and Mechatronics), Tatiana Kazakova (Department of Automated Control Systems), Dmitry Nazarov (Department of Metallurgical and Casting Technologies) and postgraduate student Ildar Abdulveleev (Department of Industrial Electric Power Supply) supported by Associate Professor Levandovskii (Department of Materials Processing) and Head  of the Department of Automated Electric Drive and Mechatronics Mr. Nikolaev have spent a week in Italy.

Each member of the team had his or her own mission. Tatiana Kazakova was looking at advanced reheating furnace technologies and slab heating control systems. Platon Tulupov was exploring state-of-the-art systems designed to control electrical regimes of electric arc furnaces, i.e. the Q-MELT system combined with the Q-REG electrode regulator. Ildar Abdulveleev focused on advanced technologies ensuring no EMC problems between high-power frequency converters used in rolling mill drives and the power system. Thus he was introduced to a new line of electric drives marketed by Danieli under the Q-DRIVE brand. And Dmitry Nazarov’s scope included new features in long products rolling, the Q-HEAT technology, the peculiarities of metallographic testing and certain product quality issues.

One of the leading suppliers of metallurgical plants, Danieli is a major partner for MMK. This is why NMSTU students go to Danieli for training. The NMSTU team visited the Danieli training center and the Danieli Automation division, where they listened to a series of lectures on control systems used in electric arc furnaces supplied by Danieli. The participants of the training also visited a site where they manufacture, assemble and test mechanical equipment for steel industry. There they were shown along a gearbox production line.

Messrs. Levandovskii and Nikolaev had two meetings with Danieli, during which they told about their current research and discussed collaboration prospects and problems of mutual interest. It was followed by a visit to the University of Trieste and a meeting with the faculty of engineering and architecture. The two universities introduced each other and discussed potential collaboration, which may be practicable in such areas as materials science, power industry and electrical engineering, as well as manufacturing and testing of construction materials and structures.

The two universities are expecting to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and a Cooperation Agreement in the nearest future.

Irina Portnova, DENNITSA

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