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Announce of the 3rd youth conference Magnitogorsk Rolling Practice 2018

We are happy to announce a 3rd youth conference  Magnitogorsk Rolling Practice 2018  (Innovative Metal Forming Processes: Fundamental Issues of Science and Production)  Dates: 5 thru 8 JUNE 2018  Venue: NMSTU, 38 Lenina prospekt.

The Conference provides a venue for exchange of practices in the global area of metal forming covering a full spectrum of issues from predictive modelling and initial laboratory testing to the implementation of innovative and competitive industrial technologies. The Conference format is designed to help untap new research opportunities and further the current research initiatives in metal forming and help integrate theoretical research and practical tasks into ready-made technological initiatives and engineering projects. The Conference history provides numerous examples of new young international research teams arisen due to the chosen format.

Under the Conference agenda, researchers from Italy, India, Spain, UK and Kazakhstan will make presentations during plenary sessions, whereas young researchers will present their reports during subject-specific sessions.

A unique feature of this youth conference is the entertainment part of it. Apart from the traditional tour focusing on the culture and history of the region, the participants will get a unique chance to tour the major still mill complex in Russia – Magnitogorsk Iron and Still Works.

The best conference papers will be published in Scopus indexed journals.

As part of the Conference, an international laboratory “Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials” will be launched, which was created with the funds allocated by the Government of the Russian Federation.

For more details about the Conference, please, visit the website or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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