Scientific schools

No. Scientific schools Contact person
1. Development of a theory and techniques of innovation manufacturing and treatment processes for products from advanced, composite and nanostructured materials DSc (Eng), Prof. 
Mikhail Chukin
2. Development of a theory and techniques of metallurgical processes DSc (Eng),Prof.
Valery Kolokoltsev,

DSc (Eng), Prof. 
Vakhit Bigeev
3. Development of a theory and practice of power- and resource-saving electrical drives of metallurgical facilities DSc (Eng), Prof.
Sergey Lukyanov
4. Development of power-saving heat and electrical power transportation, distribution and consumption systems at industrial plants DSc (Eng), Prof.
Gennadiy Kornilov
5. Development of a theory of combined geotechnology, when developing natural and technology-related resources DSc (Eng),Prof.
S.E. Gavrishev
6. Development of a theory and techniques for designing machines, lines, and tools in metal forming and cutting processes DSc (Eng),Prof. 
Sergey Platov
7. Resource-saving technologies in construction PhD (Eng), Assoc. Prof.
M.B. Permyakov
8. Strength and stress-strain behavior of composite structures DSc (Eng),Prof. 
Krishan Anatoly
9. Continuous professional education in a system of the university complex DSc (Education), Prof.
O.L. Nazarova
10. Organizational and economic mechanism of development of small and medium-sized enterprises DSc (Economics),Prof.
Usmanova K.F.
11. Mathematics, computer science, and automated systems DSc (Eng),Assoc. Prof. 
Oksana Logunova
12. Development of a theory and methods to increase the quality and safety of transport and transport-technological processes DSc (Eng), Assoc. Prof.
A.N. Rakhmangulov
13. Formulation and development of a theory of qualimetry and quality control for products and manufacturing processes DSc (Eng), Prof.
Aleksey Korchunov
14. Theory and practice of forecasting and increasing durability of mechanical system elements at design and operation stages DSc (Eng), Prof.
V.P. Antsupov
15. Development of a theoretical basis of industrial and environmental safety within the context of sustainable development of industrial regions DSc (Eng), Prof.  
V.D. Cherchintsev
16. Current issues of archeology and history of ancient states of the Northern Black Sea Region DSc (History), Prof. 
Mikhail Abramzon
17. Issues of national history DSc (History), Prof. 
Marina Potemkina
18. Numerical methods of the spectral theory of operators DSc (Physics and Mathematics), Prof. 
Sergey Kadchenko
19. Integration of modern and conventional trends in professional and artistic education DSc (Education), Prof.
M.V. Sokolov
20. Development of a theory and methodology of personal identity, personal fulfillment, and development of students in higher professional education DSc (Education)
L.I. Savva
21. Complementary components of humanistic and conceptual, activity-related trends in a continuous personality formation DSc (Education), Prof.
E.N. Rashchikulina
22. Current issues of environmental medicine DMedSc, Assoc. Prof. 
Ekaterina Kotysheva

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