Matthieu Zechel, France

Hello. My name is Matthieu and I am a French student at the Technical Institute at the Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne. I have studied at the Electrical Engineering Department of NMSTU for 3 months with 5 other French friends.

I have been really impressed with the warm welcome given to us by the teachers and the students, who are very kind and nice, and they all helped us during our learning program. The teachers who we met are all highly competent and speak good English or French.

We have met a lot of Russian people, and created amazing friendships. My only regret is that the level of my Russian language is not very good, but I could improve it during this exchange.

Finally, I would like to thank our teachers, all the team of NMSTU and the International Office, who did an amazing job that gave us an opportunity to travel to Magnitogorsk to study.

I will recommend this exchange program to other students because it was very interesting for us.

Merci beaucoup et a bientot en France ou en Russie !

Matthieu Zechel, France



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