Michele Schmucker, Italy

Hi there, I'm Michele Schmucker bachelor's student from University of Trieste, Italy. My field of study is mechanical engineering.

I've been in Magnitogorsk for 3 months (February-May 2020) and I think it was an amazing experience, Magnitogorsk Technical University is a university focused on technical studies due to the industrial production relevancy of the city among the world steel market nevertheless I've been given excellent Russian language courses.

The international office has always been very polite and always helped us a lot.

Professors have also been very available and very competent in the courses they've been teaching us.

Unfortunately although courses were really interesting, we skipped some factory visits because of the epidemic,but in a normal situation there should have been.

About the accommodation I have to say that everything has always been fine.

The city it's really cold in this period, reccomend to have warm clothes with you. I'd like to remember that the city is relatively of new construction and it's industrial, although this the city provide quite enough centres of entertainment, bars, parks, etc

If you come here I really recommend to have a look for skiing slopes and the nature on the Ural mountains, about 1 hr by car. Worth having a trip of some days to Ekaterinburg.

I really reccomend this city for everyone who wants to know more about Russia, its language and its culture. Also excellent for my field of studies, you'll find very nice people and a lot of learning opportunities.



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