Civil Engineering, Architecture and Arts Institute


Director: Mikhail Borisovich Permyakov, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Engineering

Adress: Room 6308, Building 6

Telephone number:  +7 (3519) 29-85-23

Reception hours: Mon thru Fri 11.00-12.00

The Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, currently the Civil Engineering, Architecture and Arts Institute, was established in December 1942 due to an urgent need for skilled workers who would develop the city and the city industry. In the sixty years of its existence the faculty has trained more than 8,500 civil engineers.

The faculty’s scientific achievements, as well as excellent qualifications demonstrated by the faculty’s graduates have long been recognized both in the Ural region, Russia and around the world.

In 2013, the faculty was reorganized through merger with other two faculties and it now bears the name of the Civil Engineering, Architecture and Arts Institute.

The Institute departments have all the necessary material and technical facilities enabling both laboratory and practical training and research to be carried out.

The Institute prepares qualified specialists who make their careers in such organizations as GIPROMEZ, GRAZHDANPROEKT and other major construction and development companies of the city and across the country. Many graduates choose to take up postgraduate courses.

The Institute’s researchers and postgraduate students participated in the conferences held in Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Sweden, and Italy.

Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Structural Design
  • Department of Construction
  • Department of Property and Engineering Systems Management
  • Design and Arts
  • Department of Drawing and Painting
  • Department of Design

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