Georges Antoine, France

My name is Antoine. I'm a student of the University of Saint-Etienne in France. I study Electrical and Engineering Computing and I have spent 3 months here (Feb to May 2017) as an ERASMUS student.
This mobility has allowed me to discover a new culture, new people. I want to say that you (Russian people) are very friendly and openminded, and that's great!
I was also impressed by the quality and the level of your teaching.
I want to say Thank you to all the teachers who helped us during this 3 months. A big Thank you to Anastasia who has done an incredible job for us, and my last thanks to the Russian student who has helped us too.

Now, I will return to France and tell about my experience here to motivate some other French students to come to NMSTU.

Georges Antoine, France

Matthieu Zechel, France

Hello. My name is Matthieu and I am a French student at the Technical Institute at the Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne. I have studied at the Electrical Engineering Department of NMSTU for 3 months with 5 other French friends.

I have been really impressed with the warm welcome given to us by the teachers and the students, who are very kind and nice, and they all helped us during our learning program. The teachers who we met are all highly competent and speak good English or French.

We have met a lot of Russian people, and created amazing friendships. My only regret is that the level of my Russian language is not very good, but I could improve it during this exchange.

Finally, I would like to thank our teachers, all the team of NMSTU and the International Office, who did an amazing job that gave us an opportunity to travel to Magnitogorsk to study.

I will recommend this exchange program to other students because it was very interesting for us.

Merci beaucoup et a bientot en France ou en Russie !

Matthieu Zechel, France

Farge Clement, France

Je m`appel clement et je suis venu etudier a magnitogorsk pour un DUETI d`un an. Aujourd hui j ai presque fini mon annee, et je suis tres heureux des rencontres que j ai pu faire ici qui seront inoubliables pour moi.
L`acceuil ici etais chaleureux et j`ai egalement pu rencontrer les etudiants francais venant plus tard dans l annee.
Meme si m`adapter aux cours a ete difficile, ceux ci m aurons permis notamment grace au contact des autres etudiants de progresser dans ma dicipline et en russe!

Farge Clement, France

Lucas Besson, France

Hi, my name is Lucas, I am a student at the Electrical Engineering Department in Magnitogorsk.
I enjoy participating in this exchange between Jean Monnet University in France and your university.
This exchange allows me to meet new friends and explore your way of life.
Thanks to the teachers for the quality of teaching, and to every person who helped me during this semester.

Long life to this partnership, Thank you МГТУ!

Bonjour, je m'appel Lucas, j'etudie actuellement dans le departement Genie Electrique a Magnitogorsk.
J'ai eu la chance de participer a l'echange entre l'Universitee de Jean Monnet en France et la votre.
Cet echange m'a permis de me faire des amis, et de decouvrir votre culture.
Je tiens a remercier les professeurs pour la qualitee des enseignememts en Anglais, et toutes les personnes qui m'ont aidee ici.
Je souhaite que ce partenariat continue, merci MГТУ!

Lucas Besson, France

Theo Koudinoff, France

I am Theo Koudinoff, I am a second-year student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saint-Etienne in France. I came to Magnitogorsk thanks to the exchange agreement between my university and NMSTU. My experience was very exciting. I met some kind people, some good teachers and I learnt many things at school but also in the everyday life.

Thank you for your hospitality. I am glad to have spent 3 months here in your company. I have grown up with this experience and that’s why I would like to finish with a French expression to illustrate this: " Petit a petit l'oiseau fait son nid".

Thank you for everything.

Theo Koudinoff, France

Loris Marzo, France

Hello, I am Loris MARZO, I am a second-year student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production at the National Institute of Technology in Saint-Etienne, France. I came to Magnitogorsk for 3 months under Erasmus Exchange. I enjoyed my experience very much because it was so rewarding. I discovered the Russian culture and I met very nice people. The Russians gave me a very warm welcome. The courses I attended were very interesting and I visited several factories. The best one was the Metallurgical Complex. It was very impressive because everything there is so big. I would like to thank our professors because we followed very interesting courses in English and in French and ANASTASIA KRAMARENKO. She works at the international relations office and she has done extraordinary work for us and the other foreign students. She was very available for us. We went to the mountains, we went to bowling and to the restaurant. As a conclusion, even if Magnitogorsk is a small city for Russia, life is good there, and there are so many sights to see and things to do.
I really recommend spending time in Magnitogorsk.

Loris Marzo, France

Vincent Gri, France

Hello, my name is Vincent. I'm a French student who travelled to Magnitogorsk to study Electrical Engineering and Power Systems.

I lived in Magnitogorsk which is a great city despite the pollution fact. There are lots of places to visit like hockey match or the cathedral. Talking about the university, I came with 4 other French students and all of us studied Electrical Engineering. We met Russian teachers who speak English and French and thanks to that it was possible to work together and we learned more information about our subjects. And we could see Russians searching in laboratory. We were fortunate to visit the MMK complex and one company in the city.

Other students from the university were a good help for us, and this fact is important because we could visit the city with them and sometimes we could work together. Thanks to my Russian friends I played basketball, tasted Russian food and I could improve my Russian language.

So I think it was a very good experience and if I could repeat this experience I would do it without any hesitation.

I would say Thank you so much to all teachers and people who made this exchange possible.


Bonjour, je m'appelle Vincent, je suis un etudiant francais qui a voyage afin d'etudier l'electricite et les systeme de puissances.

J'ai passe quelques mois a magnitogorsk qui fut une ville formidable bien aue la pollution y soit presente. En depit de ce faite, il y a quelques endroits a ne pas rater comme par exemple pouvoir regarder son premier match de hockey en direct dans un stadium ou encore visiter une cathedrale assez belle pour les yeux.
A propos de l'universite, mon voyage c'est deroule avec 4 etudiants francais qui etudiaient la meme matiere. Nous avons rencontre nos proffesseurs russes qui parlais tres bien anglais et certains parlais courament le francais. C'est d'ailleurs grace a ce faite que cette echange est possible, nous avons put travailler ensemble et apprendre de leur competences. Nous avons meme eut le chance de voir des recherches de quelques uns d'entre eux.

Quant aux etudiants de l'universite qui nous ont ete d'une grande aide afin de decouvrir les specialites russe, a apprendre le language, a visiter quelques endroits et a me permettre de jouer au basketball entre autres. Nous avons meme eut le chance de travailler avec eux quelques fois et pour toutes ces raisons je les remercie.

Donc je pense que ce voyage a ete une grande experience pour nous et si je pouvais de nouveau le faire, je le ferai sans hesiter. Je voudrai conclure ce petit rapport par un grand merci a tous les proffesseurs et a toutes les personnes grace a qui cet echange fut possible.

Vincent Gri, France

Большое спасибо всем преподавателям и студентам

Меня зовут Алжбета Фродлова. Я приехала из Чехии, чтобы улучшить мой русский язык и узнать что-то о культуре, природе и жизни в России. Вашу школу я выбрала потому, что учёба происходит в горах в прекрасной природе. Большое спасибо всем преподавателям и студентам, которые приготовили наши уроки и дополнительную программу - так интересно. Мы чувствовали себя как дома. Буду эту летнюю школу рекомендовать дальше. Спасибо.

Alzbeta Frodlova

Pretty unique project

Hi! I am an italian student from Milano University. I was in Magnitogorsk in the winter semester and in the summer semester in order to study russian language, an opportunity that it is possible only through friendly climate and interaction in loco. The great target of this kind of study/holiday is the great organization of the time that garantee a full immersion into the russian culture and way of life. Moving between daily lessons time and actually russian places like bania, and escursions in the nature I can say that is a pretty unique project. Hope to return here again, and suggest this opportuniny to the students that wanted to understand better russian language and not only contemporary russian culture but also their historical and literature roots. I wish to thanks Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, prof. Tatiana Abramzon for the invitation, and prof. Natalia Nicolaevna Zerkina for the time and the lessons.

Gr. Giuliano Gajetti

Я могу говорить только прекрасное об этом!

В этом году я приняла участие и в зимней, и в летней школе МГТУ. Я могу говорить только прекрасное об этом! Здесь можно заниматься в маленькой группе и постоянно общаться с замечательными людьми, так как и преподаватели и студенты-тьюторы всегда весёлые, общительные и ради помочь.  Качество учёбы высокое: несмотря на то, что уже несколько лет изучаю русский язык, я много нового выучила. Ещё один большой плюс: Урал - не Москва и не Питер, значит, студентам возможно узнать больше о настоящей традиционной жизни в России.

Франческа, Италия

I am currently enjoying the Russian language summer school

My name is Anna, I am an Italian studying in the UK and I am currently enjoying the Russian language summer school organized by NMSTU at Bannoe Lake.

The place is amazing, and the school is really well organized. I feel I am learning a lot and really improving my Russian. The teachers are great and they really take care of us, organizing interesting excursions to discover the Real Russia (русская баня, русские собаки, русские горы и пейзаж!). Спасибо большое, все прекрасно!!

Anna Clemente

Message of appreciation

My name is Erkan from Turkey.I was exchange student last semesters in Magnitogorsk State Technical University.I've spent seven splendid months on there.I studied at Computer Engineering departmant with well-educated and very polite lecturers which impressed me.

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NMSTU! Thank you!

I was given the opportunity to study as a visiting student in the university for the spring/summer semester with a dedicated team of talented and interesting teachers who made a huge commitment towards improving my knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture. From learning Pushkin by heart to Russian phraseology, fairytales and translation, I have been given an opportunity here which few students are offered anywhere, and I am extremely grateful for that.

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My unforgettable journey to industrial heart of Russia

My name is Hakan Ic.I am from Turkey.Presently,I study in mechanical engineering department at the third class in Karabuk University.First of all,I am so glad due to the fact that ı had been educated in Magnitogorsk State Technical University and had been lived in Magnitogorsk as an exchange student by Mevlana Programme.I had met really good friends and teachers in there.They were so kind and helpful against to us.

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