Why did I choose this specialty, Linguistics MA (Professional and business communication in international cooperation)

1 The MA course was a spontaneous decision for me to some extent. Even having the bachelor's degree, I was not sure that I will continue education in the magistracy.However, comparing the prospects of future employment with a master's degree and without it, I realized that I'd rather continue studying. And I was not mistaken. Master's stage educationbrought a lot of new knowledge and experience. Of course, Master's study differs from the usual university routine.  The whole process is aimed at self-dependent search. Some people may find this way complicated, but for me it is more comfortable to work at my own pace. It allows me to find something informative and interesting exactly for me, and at the same time the course does not provide ready-made ideas or a specially-selected-by- your-professor information for all of your group mates.

Magnitogorsk State Technical University, every year offers a great number of new educational programs. They allow you to select the direction that corresponds exactly to your goals. The master's program "Professional and Business Communication in International Relations" gives an opportunity to get trained for professional intercultural communication in foreign and Russian languages, to learn the most important methods and techniques of linguistic analysis, to acquire the skills of independent researcher on topical issues of the modern theory of language and professional communication.

The field, which I have chosen, will give me the opportunity of future employment in companies related to international cooperation. Therefore, choosing a university, I paid attention to the possibility of academic mobility while studying. It is one of the priorities of the international activities in Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University. Academic Mobility provides an opportunity for students to continue their education or acquire research experience abroad through participation in short-term educational or research programs. Thanks to the development of academic mobility programs, the quality of education improves, and, of course, it helps develop mutual understanding between people of different cultures and educate generation to be ready for life and work in the international information community.

Thus, Master's stage educationin NMSTU on this particularly program has many advantages both while studying and after graduation.



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