Electronic Application form for international students

Dear applicant,

Please, note that in accordance with Article 9 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data” no. 152-FZ dated 27th July 2006, we cannot accept your application unless you fill in the form of Consent to Personal Data Processing.

Make sure you download, fill in and sign the Form, then scan it and attach the scanned copy to your application using the appropriate box.

Form Personal Data Processing

Form Personal Data Processing
General Information
First name
Middle name
Last name
Date of birth
Place of birth
Marital status
International passport number
Date of issue
Date of expiry
Contact phone
Download scanned passport
Additional Information
Date of birth
Country of birth
Country of permanent residence
Region of permanent residence
Postal address of permanent residence
Country of visa receiving
City of visa receiving (city in which Russian consular agency or embassy is situated and in which exactly you will receive the visa)
Employer and employer's (University’s) full official title (in English)
Employer's (University’s) official address (in English)
Position at place of employment / study
Intended date of arrival in the Russian Federation (date)
Intended date of departure from the Russian Federation (date)
Settlements (cities) of visiting in the Russian Federation during the trip
Graduated educational institution
English level
Russian level
Mobility type

Attention! Before pressing ‘Submit’, please, make sure you have filled in all five sections of your electronic application form. You will be requested to first type in the security code from the picture and then press ‘Submit’.

By pressing the ‘Submit’ button I confirm that I do not object to my personal data being processed in compliance with Federal Law no. 152-FZ ‘On Personal Data’ dated 27 July 2006.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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