Pretty unique project

Hi! I am an italian student from Milano University. I was in Magnitogorsk in the winter semester and in the summer semester in order to study russian language, an opportunity that it is possible only through friendly climate and interaction in loco. The great target of this kind of study/holiday is the great organization of the time that garantee a full immersion into the russian culture and way of life. Moving between daily lessons time and actually russian places like bania, and escursions in the nature I can say that is a pretty unique project. Hope to return here again, and suggest this opportuniny to the students that wanted to understand better russian language and not only contemporary russian culture but also their historical and literature roots. I wish to thanks Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, prof. Tatiana Abramzon for the invitation, and prof. Natalia Nicolaevna Zerkina for the time and the lessons.

Gr. Giuliano Gajetti



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