Economics and Management Institute


Director: Natalia Rinatovna Balynskaya, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor

Address: 24, Lenin Ave, room 222

Tel.: +7(3519) 22-19-94

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Institute of Economics and Management of the Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University is one of the prestigious institutes. The Institute provides training of specialists with a degree in Economics, Management, State and Local Administration, Human Resources Management. There are over 1,000 students at the Institute.

The coursework aims at training specialists able to work under challenging conditions of Russian market system, analyse a changing social and economic situation, and make efficient managerial and administrative decisions.  

Graduate students of the Institute participate in international and national conferences, contests, and academic competitions. They have many diplomas and certificates to show, which proves their competence.

There 7 departments in the Institute. More than 60% of the faculty and staff have scientific degrees and titles. Among the instructors of the Institutes, there are quite a number of experts employed at governmental institutions and for-profit businesses.

The Institute is proud of its alumni. They are highly skilled experts of a conventional university education. They are employed in state and local administration agencies, taxation services, banks, auditing and consulting companies, large enterprises and undertakings of different forms of incorporation, foreign joint-stock companies, investment foundations, state financial institutions,  law enforcement authorities, prosecution agencies, defense attorney offices, insurance organisations.

Departments of the Institute of Economics and Management

Department of Accounting and Economic Analysis

Department of Governmental and Local Administration and HR Management

Department of Management

Department of Law and Cultural Studies

Department of Philosophy

Department of Economics and Marketing

Department of Economics and Finance

Research areas of the Institute

Optimisation of business and financial performance of enterprises;

Business-planning of industrial investment projects;

Issues of performance assessment of social activities and environmental compliance performed by a local economic mainstay;

Improvement of the marketing research methodology;

Assets and business estimation;

Mathematical modeling and forecasting of socio-economical industrial and environmental processes, risk assessment.

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