Department of Social Work and Psycho-Pedagogical Education

Head of the Department: Oleynik Elena Viktorovna, Candidate of Science (Education), Associate Professor, Master of Social Work

Address: University building No.4, 26, Lenin Ave, rooms 107 (Head of the Department)

Tel.: +7 (3519) 23-63-28

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Department provides training of specialists with a degree inSocial Work, Social Pedagogy, Pedagogyand Psychology of Deviant Activities.

Graduate students of the Department participate in international and national conferences, contests, and academic competitions. They have many diplomas and certificates to show, which proves their competence.

The alumni of the department are employed in state and local administration agencies, social service enterprises, government agencies and non-governmental organizations, integrated centers for social services, social assistance centers for families and children, social shelters, children's homes, in educational institutions (schools, institutions of further education, boarding schools), family and marriage centers, insurance companies , pension fund management, medical institutions, law enforcement, inspections of juvenile committees, youth and others.

Research Areas

  • Evaluation of social assistance
  • Human thinking
  • Identity construction in areas of social conflict
  • Inclusion
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Juvenile justice
  • Prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Professional communication activities of non-governmental organizations
  • Professional-pedagogical thinking of students
  • Quality of life in assisted shared housing
  • Reconstructions of biographies and of professional patterns of interpretation and behavior
  • School services of reconciliation
  • Social problems of the family
  • Social problems of the population of single-industry town
  • Social support
  • Social well-being of the family
  • Social well-being of the family of single-industry towns
  • Teaching conflict
  • Technologies of social work with different families
  • Training of specialists in social work and social pedagogic
  • Values and value orientation of young people

Courses of the department in a foreign language in the framework of international cooperation

Courses Teachers
Social Juvenology Ispulova S.N.
Inclusive Education
Organization of rehabilitation process in contest of inclusive education
Slepukhina G.V.
Social Projection Oleynik E.V.
Ethics of Social Work
Social Work with Families and Children
Mameteva O.S.
Сompetence professionnelle maitrise en travail social Burilkina S.A.

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