Institute of Natural Science and Standardization

The quality training offered by the Institute of Natural Science and Standardization is ensured by its qualified teaching staff who mainly includes members with doctoral and PhD titles. The Institute focuses on practical training based on advanced computer technology. The great competences of the teachers are due to their continuous involvement in research projects which cover such areas as car parts manufacturing, car service and maintenance, product quality management, food, printing, packaging, environment and industrial safety, chemical technology, thermal physics, nanomaterials, instruments, mathematical modelling and pedagogy.

The Institute’s graduates have great career prospects which they can pursue in such areas as education, banking, taxation, insurance business, steel industry, car industry and many others.

The Institute has been constantly seeking to expand the range of educational programmes to meet the needs of the local and regional businesses. The current enrollment exceeds 850 students.


  • Department of Higher Mathematics
  • Department of Applied and Theoretical Physics
  • Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Department of Industrial Ecology, Health and Safety
  • Department of Standardization, Certification and Food Technology
  • Department of Car Technology, Certification and Service
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Technology
  • Department of Chemistry

Research Areas

The theoretical development, the creation and adoption of innovative technology for manufacturing cutting-edge products with pre-defined quality made from metallic materials of different types and for  manufacturing car parts for assembly or maintenance of both local and imported vehicles through the application of new processes, new testing techniques and new quality management systems

Chemistry and chemical technology. The development of combined geotechnology for mining of natural and man-made resources

Enhanced performance of packaging materials

The development of the theory of qualimetry and product quality and production management

The development of advanced food technology and food quality management

The development of new environmentally-friendly processes in ferrous metallurgy

The development of recycling technology for handling mining and metallurgical wastes

Studying the physics and chemistry of metallurgical processes

The development of new coal flotation reagents and flotation regimes

Developing new technology and compositions to improve the water quality and protect water circulation systems from corrosion and build-ups

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