Mining Engineering and Transport Institute

Director: Ivan Alekseevich Pytalev, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Address: main university building, room 103а

Tel.: +7 (3519) 29-85-87

The Institute of Mining and Transportation is a part of the NosovMagnitogorskStateTechnicalUniversity. It has a long tradition of training competent specialists and experts in engineering.

The Institute of Mining and Transportation has been set up as a successor to the Department of Mining Technologies and Transportation. The Department celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014. To date, over 11,000 mining engineers and more than 1,000 transportation engineers graduated from the Institute. The engineers work in every part of our country and abroad.

Competent faculty and staff of professors, 40 Ph.Ds, and 12 D.Scs train prospective engineers.

Departments of the Institute of Mining Engineering and Transport

Geology, Mine Surveying, and Minerals Processing

Mining Machines and Transportation Technological Complexes

Industrial transport


Research Areas of the Institute

There two scientific schools in the Institute:

  • Development of a theory of combined geotechnology, when developing natural and technology-related resources (supervisors Prof., D.Sc. in Eng. S.E. Gavrishev, Prof., D.Sc. in Eng. V.N. Kalmykov, Prof., D.Sc. in Eng. V.B. Chizhevsky).
  • Development of a theory and techniques of improving quality and safety of transportation and transport technological processes (supervisors Prof., D.Sc. in Eng. S.N. Kornilov, Ass. Prof., D.Sc. in Eng. A.N. Rakhmangulov, Prof., D.Sc. in Eng. A.D. Kolga).
  • Scientists of the Institute study a sustainable use of natural resources, a scientific and technological development priority in the Russian Federation.  In 2012, the R&D Institute of multipurpose mineral resources development was set up as part of the departments of the Institute. The mission of the R&D Institute is to create and implement technologies of natural and man-made resources development enabling to enlarge resources portfolio of the Ural metallurgical industry under challenging mining and geological conditions.

The R&D Institute of multipurpose mineral resources development consists of operating laboratories (a laboratory of geomechanics and open-cast mining technologies, a laboratory of seismic and stowing operations, a center of a hydraulic drive of mining and process machines, a center of expert diagnostics of mining machines) as well as laboratories to be re-organized and established (a laboratory of minerals processing, a laboratory of transport, a center of rocks, a laboratory of mining, petrography and mineralogy, a laboratory of modeling and simulation, a laboratory of mineralography, a laboratory of rock mechanics).

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