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Fundamentals of Scientific Research

Major – Technology of Transport Facilities

Qualification (degree) – Master

Course modules (units, topics):

The course consists of the following units and topics:

1. Principles and forms of organization of scientific research.

Topics: Main problem of linear programming. Definition and canonical form of representation of a problem. Simplex method of solving linear programming problems. Baseline optimum condition. Determination of directory columns and rows. Simplex transformation. Building an initial plan. Introduction of artificial variables.

2. Duality in linear programming.

Topics: Dual problems. Dual variables. Theory of duality. Relation between optimum plans of dual problems. Interpretation and definition of dual problems. Definition of one and the same problem in fundamental and dual forms.

3. Transportation problem in a network form.

Topics: Definition of a transportation problem in a network form. Routing and optimal path tables. Solving a transportation problem with the residual error reduction method. Accounting capacity restrictions.

4. Definition of a problem of optimization of one-group train marshalling.   

Topics: Determination of train marshalling and remarshalling costs. Definition of a train set accumulation parameter. Necessary and sufficient condition for allocating a wagon flow into independent purposes. Algorithm of solving the problem of marshalling plan calculation with the plan optimization method.

5. Dynamic programming method.

Topics: Problems solved with the dynamic programming method. Bellman equation. Algorithm of the method. Solving the problem of optimum resource scheduling with the dynamic programming method.

6. Graphical evaluation and review technique.

Topics: Applications of graphical evaluation and review techniques. Components of a net graph. Net graph parameter calculation. Definition of a critical path. Methods of search and elimination of critical paths.


  1. Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  2. Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  3. Tutorials.

Total – 108 hours

Total credit points – 3

Practicals – 30/30И

Midterm assessment – pass/fail examination

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