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History and Methodology of Transport Science

Major – Technology of Transport Facilities

Qualification (degree) – Master

Course modules (units, topics):

The course consists of the following units and topics:

1. Introduction.

Topics: Milestones of the development of transport science and engineering. History and laws of engineering and transport. Need for studying theoretical and methodological issues of engineering development. Classification of transport and transport sciences.

2. Definition of transport system.

Topics: Classification of transport systems. Transport systems and objects as technical systems. Definition of transportation process, efficiency criteria of traffic flows. System properties, structure and functions of transport objects. Different-complexity tasks of transport system control. Transport system development periods.

3. Transport engineering. Traditions and innovations in the development of transport science and engineering.

Topics: History of the development of heat engines. Electric motors. Fundamental significance of thermodynamics in the development of transport engineering. Basic laws of functioning and development of engineering systems. Definition of efficiency and reliability of an engineering system. Methods of evaluation and assurance of engineering system reliability. Contemporary transportation means and their development prospects.

4. Transport technology.

Topics: Definition of transport technology. Main functions of transport control as a technological system. Classification of modern transport technologies. Definition of flexible technology. Patterns of coordinated development of engineering and technology in transport systems.

5. Organization of transport system functioning.

Topics: Need for considering transport as an organizational system. Modern methods of transportation process organization in transport systems. Tasks of transport control as an organizational system. Organizational laws of transport system functioning and development.

6. Social aspects of transport science and engineering.

Topics: Possibility to study functioning patterns of transport systems as complex social-economic systems. Functions of transport control as a social-economic system. Interrelation of the development of transport industry and economy.

7. Scientific research functions, methods and forms of scientific cognition.

Topics: Methods of scientific cognition. Forms of scientific cognition. Analytical methods and models, methods of transportation process improvement. Statistical methods. Methods of simulation modeling.


  1. Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  2. Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  3. Tutorials.

Total – 72 hours

Total credit points – 2

Lectures - 18

Practicals – 18/4И

Midterm assessment – pass/fail examination

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