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Cubans Impressed with Training Results

A theoretical part of the training course given to the first group of Cuban workers from the Antillana de Acero factory in Havana, Cuba, who are taking part in a retraining programme at NMSTU under the agreement between the Russian and Cuban governments, has come to an end. All 15 retrainees passed the exams and were impressed with the results obtained.

The training included a general course of lectures on metallurgy followed by classes on specific subjects – from electric arc furnaces to process control systems. With the help of special simulators, the retrainees then learnt how to handle different steel making processes.

Even though the training was quite intense, the students still managed to find time for sightseeing. They visited the famous ski resorts of Abzakovo and Bannoye and even watched an ice-hockey match in Magnitogorsk.

Having showed only modest results upon the initial testing – the average of 48% out of 100% – the students were a bit anxious before the final tests. Some of them were moved to tears when the final testing indicated an average outcome of 93%. The HR Manager of the Antillana de Acero factory Rosita Lopez admitted it was an excellent result for the retrainees.

“It is a common success of all involved in this project,” Rosita Lopez said. “The fact that our people were trained through the entire process flow – from steel making to rolling to maintenance – is of special value for us. The quality of training was adequate. The qualifications of the academic staff are excellent, and we would like to thank them not only for the training they provided but also for their warm welcome and personal commitment. I believe this established a training path not only for the Cuban industry but also for the industries of many other Latin American countries.”

At this time the Cuban retrainees are taking an on-the-job training at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works. And we are waiting to welcome the next group of Cuban workers.

Anna Kartavtseva

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