Variety of Languages is the Spice of Life

The applicants were required to submit their English language proficiency certificates with the minimum level of proficiency being intermediate, as well as references from their supervisors and professors from other universities, an invitation letter from the German university and motivational letters describing their academic achievements.

A few things impressed Khulkar in Germany. One of them was the fact that a German student is allowed three attempts to pass an examination. Besides, the student is free to choose the number of exams he or she is supposed to take in a semester.

Khulkar was also impressed with the university library. It is a separate three-storey building decorated with graffiti paintings, where you see students engaged in various activities at all times.

The course was taught in English. However, as Khulkar says, Germans seem to be quite passionate about their native tongue. People believe that German is as good as English and must not be overlooked in Germany. When you talk English to people asking directions or looking to buy something, they understand you but they would respond in German.

Khulkar also adopted some of the national German habits such as passion for bicycles or the habit of early mornings. Even the elderly ride bicycles which helps them stay active longer. Most Germans are early risers and follow their routine quite strictly. They actually work when at work and they don’t talk or even think about business after the hours making most of their free time.

According to Khulkar, the Freiberg University offers a fascinating sightseeing programme. Thus, Khulkar visited a village where craftsmen make wooden toys, went down in an underground mine, toured around Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory in Dresden and the BMW museum in Munich.

Also, Khulkar took part in the Russian-German Forum on Raw Materials, which was the first experience of that scale for her.

Of course, Khulkar took the opportunity to visit a few other EU countries, such as Italy and France. This experience helped her realise how great it is that every country speaks its own language. The world would be a boring place if it was just one language for everybody.

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