NMSTU Team to Get Promobot V3 for Testing In-House Software

Promobot The NMSTU team comprising students and teachers are getting ready to participate in the first Promobot Сhallenge hackathon (Hackathon is a forum of software developers in which programmers specializing in various fields collaborate on a certain task), which will focus on service robot programming. Promobot Сhallenge is organized by Promobot and supported by the National Entrepreneurial Network (Rybakov Foundation). 

The NMSTU team is among the ten teams who proposed the best ideas and who will be granted the Promobot V3 robot for implementing their ideas. In the course of 120 days the team will be working on developing and testing robot applications. This autumn five teams who will have come up with the best software solutions will be offered to take part in the first competition on service robots and will have a chance to win a prize fund. During the DemoDay event the participant teams will present their products in front of the best experts in innovations from Russia and all over the world. 

Promobot is engaged in the development and manufacturing of portable live robots with a character. Such robots are designed to be used in crowded places where they can help with navigation, answer any questions, promote things and memorize every person they communicate with.

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