Students of Journalism to Study at European Humanities University

Under the framework of the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, NMSTU’s Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Olga Nazarova has paid a visit to the European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The starting point in the relationship between the two universities lies in the last year when a delegation representing different universities visited NMSTU. Svetlana Nazarenko, lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences of EHU, happened to be a part of that delegation, and her attention was drawn to the NMSTU’s Institute for the Humanities. This year NMSTU and EHU signed a framework cooperation agreement, an agreement for student and staff mobility, as well as a mutual agreement under the EU’s Erasmus+ programme for short-term student and faculty exchanges funded by the EU.

European Humanities University is basically a Belorussian university situated in Lithuania and specializing in the humanities such as media and communication, law and politics, design. Being comparable in size to a major Russian institute, EHU has been successfully functioning as a private institution, without reliance on public funding. Another competitive advantage of EHU is that students are free to choose the language of instruction. Thus, they can choose between Russian, Belorussian and English.

During her visit Ms Nazarova was particularly impressed with a MediaHub centre created at EHU together with the British BBC. The centre houses most advanced equipment for professional journalists. Also, Ms Nazarova learned more about the Liberal Arts model which is being implemented at EHU.

Following Ms Nazarova’s visit, two students of Journalism from the NMSTU’s Institute for the Humanities are to take a semester of study at EHU. A lecturer from the NMSTU’s Department of the Russian Language, General Linguistics and Mass Communication is to visit EHU for more detailed cooperation discussions. And NMSTU will be waiting to welcome back lecturer Svetlana Nazarenko, who is also a coordinator of the Media and Communication programme and is scheduled to give a series of master classes at NMSTU.  

It is worth noting that this is not the first time when NMSTU finds foreign partners in the humanities field. For example, this year NMSTU signed a cooperation agreement with a number of universities in Bulgaria for language practice purposes.

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