Contemporary Management Model: Problems & Prospects

On 24th October, NMSTU saw a conference entitled Contemporary Management Model: Problems & Prospects. The Conference was held as part of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet programme “European best practices of youth entrepreneurship and possibility of their implementation in Russia”.

NMSTU’s Vice Rector for International Affairs Aleksey Korchunov opened the conference with a welcoming speech. The participants included the director of Magnitogorsk Innovative Business Incubator, local officials, and business owners.

The participants talked about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs today and about future development, including automation of businesses.

The second part of the plenary included a round table debate, during which the participants shared their personal entrepreneurial experiences. The subject of challenges faced by business people sparked a heated debate, and each member offered an input.

The bottom line of the conference was a clear understanding of the current problems, development prospects, and the areas that are expected to see most progress.

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