Cross-Cultural Management

NMSTU’s Institute of Further Training and Human Resources Engineering Gorizont is working on implementing an EMBA General Management international post-diploma programme. Earlier this month, NMSTU welcomed an expert in management teaching from the ISC Paris Business School, France, who brought a course entitled “Cross-Cultural Management”.

For three days, the participants were working on improving their competences in cross-cultural management, which stands for business relations management accounting for national and organisational cultures.

The workshop participants learnt how to behave when dealing with people from foreign cultures, what communication structures are common for other cultures, what should be avoided, etc.

The classes were based on interactive exchanges between the participants and the course presenter. The participants were offered case studies, and they were expected to come up with a reasonable solution for this or that problem.

Summarizing, the participants pointed out how important it is to be able to anticipate the reaction of people from different cultural backgrounds in order to be a successful team leader or negotiator or for building long-term partnerships.

Gorizont means to continue this workshop practice as such form of learning helps participants to be more involved in the learning process and be more successful in their business communications.

Author of the original article: Svetlana Grinko,

Deputy Director Responsible for Marketing and Advertising, Gorizont

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