American Lecturer to Deliver Public Lectures

East West Book Fest, which is to take place on March 21st-22nd, will also feature lectures and master classes by Rachel L. Koch, English teacher at the Higher School of Economics and senior lecturer at the Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

The programme is given below.


21st March 2019. Public Lectures

1. Presenting with Impact

Getting in front of a crowd isn’t hard, but presenting effectively, efficiently, and memorably can be challenging. This presentation looks at 9 tips for presentations coming from a group students in an advanced speech class.

2. Guidelines for Distinguishing Academic and Informal Language

The line between formal and informal language is thin. In fact, it is more of a spectrum than a line. This presentation will provide practical suggestions for understanding when to adopt a more formal tone and what that sounds and looks like. Student examples and academic examples will be provided.

22nd March 2019. Training Course: Teaching the Process of Writing 

1. Teaching the Process of Writing

In this workshop, the presenter will introduce and demonstrate approaches to teaching the writing process.  Demonstrated activities include topic generation, prewriting, outlining, revision, and peer editing strategies. A process-writing approach also helps create a student-centered, communicative writing class while helping students develop the key skills they need to become capable academic writers.

2. An Overview of Effective Feedback Methods on Student Writing

Knowing how to give effective feedback to students is tricky, especially feedback on writing. This presentation will explain many tips and tricks based on experience and research.


The language of lectures and master classes is English.

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