R&D results of NMSTU at the Fashion Week

Models walked on the runway wearing X-Soft exoskeletons. Moscow Fashion Week during the fashion show of designer Leka saw industrial exoskeletons, joint development by R&D NMSTU and Exorise.

Before the soft exoskeleton entered a main runway of Russia, it was tested at various industrial sites, including the largest iron and steel companies, namely PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and PJSC Severstal.

“The X-Soft exoskeleton is designed according to human anthropometric and biomechanical data. Its core task is to relax back, arm and leg muscles of workers and to decrease a probability of injuries and development of occupational diseases”, commented Denis Yakobchuk, director of LLC R&D NMSTU.

“Collaboration between science and the fashion industry helps us to present and show to society that exoskeletons are a modern, cutting-edge technology, which will be introduced everywhere in the near future. It is not a fantastic suit but an important part of protective clothes protecting health, convenient and easy to use, and fashionable too. Our team includes Daniil Grachev, TV personality, designer and fashion expert. We jointly will complete the design of our exoskeletons”, said Dmitry Kopylov, Director of LLC Exorise, company for manufacturing and integration of exoskeleton technologies.

Now, the specialists of the company are going to expand a range of exoskeleton models. Thus, at industrial exhibition Metal Expo 2019, which will take place in Moscow early November, they will present 3 models of exoskeletons, various in functions and application: X-Soft, X-Arm and X-Rise.

Exoskeletons were already shown to Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, among the best Russian exploratory work at the exhibition of advanced projects of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

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