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NMSTU students and staff members prepared an online exhibition commemorated to May 9

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, first-year – fourth-year students took an active part in developing an interactive virtual museum of NMSTU’s history.

The Department of Architecture and Fine Arts was represented by Natalia Barbonova, Kseniya Vorontsova, Kseniya Beskletkina, Anastasia Aleksandrova, students of group SDAb-17, who developed the design of information stands of the main exhibition, and Nadezhda Kiseleva and Elizaveta Kosyushko, the students of group SDAb-16, who made measurements, a design layout of the exhibition and the room, developed the stands containing correct information about the museum and developed samples of the design. The students were supervised by Associate Professor Tatiana Usataya. The Department of Business Information Science and Information Technologies was presented by active students from group APIb-19-1, Pavel Maiorov (preparation of a basic prototype), and from group APIb-16, Ivan Grachev (hosting of the web application), supervised by Associate Professor Lyubov Kurzaeva. Inessa Roishtein, Museum Director, thoroughly managed great activities on selection and preparation of materials, development of the design of information stands commemorated to participants and heroes of the Great Patriotic War who went off to War in 1941-1945, while being students and staff members of the Magnitogorsk Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (NMSTU). The students developed and launched the web application of the museum at the link: and presented video about the virtual museum exhibition at: As soon as the quarantine restrictions are removed and NMSTU gets back to routine work, we invite you to visit the exhibition in the NMSTU History Museum located on the ground floor in the central building.

Information was prepared by Oleg A. Ulchitsky,
Head of the Department of Architecture and Fine Arts

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