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The 2020 NMSTU admission process will be fully online. All the documents are submitted in an electronic form via the Applicant’s Account on the website of the flagship university. Zoya Akmanova, the secretary of the NMSTU Admission Committee, has answered the questions about the admission rules, submission of the documents, the number of state-financed places and other important issues.

What key changes were introduced into the 2020 Admission Rules?

The 2020 admission process will differ radically from the previous one. It will be online only: the submission of the documents, passing the examinations and the enrollment inclusively. This is set forth by law.

Where can I find more information about the majors available this year?

A full list of majors for all types of study and levels of education is available on the official website of the university in the education section. All important information can also be found in official VKontakte groups, namely “I apply to NMSTU” at: https://vk.com/priem_mgtu and “The flagship university: NMSTU” at: https://vk.com/nmstu.

How to submit the documents?

The documents are to be submitted via the university information system only. The applicant’s account to be created on the official website of the university provide applicants with instructional videos on the operations with the account and completion of the application, the schedule of entrance examinations and deadlines, and instructions for those who are going to take the entrance examinations via ProctorEdu.

What are key deadlines for the applicants for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs?

The deadlines for applications and additional entrance examinations depend on the last day of announcing the results of the Unified State Examination. Since that day applicants, who are to take creative entrance examinations and the examinations conducted by the university, have 9 days to submit their documents and all the rest applicants for state-financed places are to submit their documents within 23 days since the last date of announcing the results. If you have the document confirming your education of a relevant level, you can submit the documents right now!

How to submit to the university originals of the documents and the consent to enrollment?

The consent to enrollment is submitted in the same way as the documents via the personal account. The applicants shall not submit originals of the documents certifying the level of education, but they give a written commitment that they shall provide the original documents within the first year of study. The same rule is applicable for the medical examination: the applicants shall pass it within the first year of study.

What about enrollment for employer-sponsored education this year?

Usually, the university enrolls for employer-sponsored education within the quota limits for majors included into the list issued by the Government of the Russian Federation. Such applicants are to upload to a relevant section of the applicant’s account a scanned contract signed between the applicant and the body or a company, a so-called customer.

This year the Ministry of Education and Science allocated additional state-financed places. How many places will be at NMSTU and in what majors?

As compared to 2019, the number of state-financed places for bachelor’s/specialist’s degree programs increased by 263. We are glad to enroll 475 applicants to Multidisciplinary College of NMSTU, 1609 for bachelor’s/specialist’s degree programs, 376 for master’s degree programs and 23 for postgraduate programs. This year, for the first time ever applicants can compete for state-financed places for such majors as psychology, journalism, economics, management, translation and science of translation, and state and municipal administration.

What about the entrance examinations for the master’s degree and postgraduate programs?

The entrance examinations will be conducted via distance learning technologies, using the ProctorEdu system. It means that a proctor will control and monitor applicants, while they are taking the entrance examinations. Applicants who are going to sign a contract and study part-time under the master’s degree and postgraduate programs may submit their documents by the 8th of September.

Does the university open new master’s degree programs?

Yes, it does. NMSTU launches the programs that will be taught in English: “Advanced metallurgical engineering”, “Electric grid management”, “Design”, “Digital economics and management” and “Accounting systems and business analytics”. You can also apply for the program on “Foreign languages and cross-cultural communications in business and management”.

How can foreign citizens apply to the university?

As the NMSTU Admission Committee accepts applications online, it will be easier for the applicants living abroad. They do not have to come to Magnitogorsk to take the examinations or submit their documents. They can apply online. Please note that the documents issued in a foreign language should be translated into Russian and notary certified.

Whom to contact in case of questions?

This year we established the NMSTU contact center and hot line: +7 800 100 1934 (toll free). You can also call the Admission Committee: +7 (3519) 33 09 39. Our information communities in VKontakte and the online chat are also active for the applicants to ask their questions by sending messages.

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