Expanding opportunities: China Foundry Association and NMSTU have agreed on partnership

On the 20th of November the China Foundry Association and the Foundry School of the Open University of China held an online meeting with Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University and signed the Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Education.

The Agreement was signed by Professor Libo Zhang, President of the China Foundry Association, Dean of OUC Foundry School, and Professor Mikhail Chukin, Rector of NMSTU.

Having taken a look at fields of activities, the University and the Association have found a mutual interest in developing international links in industry sector-related science, education, long-term promotion of knowledge and technologies.

Regarding the outcomes of our collaboration, we would like to have not only the development of conventional, basic metallurgical processes, but also solutions to the issues of hydrogen and space metallurgy, digitalization and digital twins in metallurgy and related sectors, and environmental issues. The plans may seem to be ambitious; however, I believe that this step is of interest not only for our institutions, but also for the states, the Foundry Association of a global level, and the BRICS countries”, expressed his hope for collaboration Mikhail Chukin, Rector of NMSTU.

The parties discussed and determined the priorities of collaboration: potential joint research projects with universities and R&D centers of the countries; mutual help with the introduction of new educational programs and technologies; exchange programs offered for students, postgraduate students and teachers by sector-related educational institutions of the countries; joint educational projects aimed at increasing the qualification level of employees engaged in the foundry industry in Russia and China.

“I hope to use this as an opportunity to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation in terms of student and teacher exchange programs and to give impetus to development of mutual research. I am sure that this will be a win-win collaboration for both parties, and we will strive for common prosperity and development”, commented Libo Zhang, President of the China Foundry Association.

Joint effort will help the University and the Association to prepare sector-related communication platforms aimed at promoting an inter-state collaboration to develop the industry and foster strengthening and developing long-term partner relations between representatives of the industry in Russia and China.

“Foundry is a unique field combining almost all scientific and technical processes. I received higher education in foundry and I am extremely glad that out university enters a new stage of collaboration with world foundry associations represented by the People’s Republic of China, and the World Foundry Association. I am sure that such collaboration will greatly contribute to science, education, acquisition of new scientific knowledge and our mutual extension of such knowledge”, said Valery Kolokoltsev, President of NMSTU.

Upon the signing of the Agreement, the parties adopted a plan of specific actions to achieve goals of further development of the collaboration and determined a regular dialog mechanism. The parties also noted that signing of this Agreement had been made possible thanks to the program on development of scientific and technical collaboration of the BRICS Foundry Association and support of the Russian Foundry Association.

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