Happy Russian Science Day!

Dear colleagues and students! We congratulate you on the Russian Science Day!

This is a holiday of innovative ideas, discoveries and knowledge presented by scientists. At all times people who work in science have a special status and position, and thanks to their discoveries and R&D projects we move forward and evolve.

Now development of science and innovations are one of priorities of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, announced 2021 to be the Year of Science and Technologies. A high level of scientific development is critical for a dynamic growth of economy and competitiveness. Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University makes a considerable contribution to social and economic development of this city, region and country. R&D projects of our researchers are in demand in various scientific fields.

On this special day we express our deep gratitude to you for your devotion to science, continuous search and maintenance of research traditions at the university. We wish all of you to have intellectual curiosity and enquiring mind, be persistent in achieving your goals, soar to new heights, make discoveries and get insights!

Mikhail Chukin,
Rector, NMSTU

Valery Kolokoltsev, President, NMSTU,
Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region

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