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NMSTU took part in an international event

The Snowboard World Cup stage was held on the 6th and 7th of February on the Bannoye resort. 120 snowboarders from 17 countries took part in this competition.

The NMSTU students could not miss such large-scale event. The Youth Policy Department organized an area devoted to the university. Within two days cultural event organizers shared joy and fun among visitors.

Anybody could receive a snowboard and take a picture in a relevant photo shooting location, post on social media, including the hashtag #МГТУимНосова, and get a small branded gift, namely notebooks, pens or key holders.

The friendly atmosphere among guests of the World Cup was supported by mascots: Magnus from the Steel Hearts Sports Club and Sema Hedgehog from the Youth Training and Recreation Center. Everybody was excited to see them.

“We did not even notice windy and frosty weather. On the second day many areas representing organizations were closed, but we continued working till the end. It was not a big deal”, commented Valentina Shilina, head of cultural event organizers.

To organize the competition, 100 volunteers were involved. They started to work on the 31st of January. Early in the morning they met snowboarders at the airport of Magnitogorsk.

To communicate with foreigners, team attaches were engaged. Volunteers performing such function had a good command of a foreign language. They worked as interpreters and constantly communicated with foreign teams, helping them to check in and settle their issues.

Most volunteers helped visitors and informed them about the program of the competition, helped with finding parking lots and showed how to find a way. Volunteers also monitored that fans in the stands wore masks and kept social distance.

Volunteers also helped referees and journalists, worked in start and finish areas and at any time they were ready to provide first aid.

Alisa Ivanova, a second-year student of the Institute of Power Engineering and Automated Systems, helped visitors to find their seats.

“I was highly impressed! I believe that we made it in spite of cold weather. Sport fans supported snowboarders, even if they were not from Russia. This created warm atmosphere”, shared her impressions the student.

Active students of NMSTU not only gained experience, but also contributed to making the Snowboard World Cup bright, cheerful and memorable!

Valeriya Sherstneva, Student Media Center, NMSTU

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