Fantasy Becomes Reality

The industrial exoskeleton Exorise, in the development of which there is a great contribution on the part of NMSTU researchers, were presented in a popular TV programme Zdorovie with Elena Malysheva broadcasted by Russia’s Channel One.

The episode focused on the application of domestically produced exoskeletons by the Russian industry – in particular, by the Kirov Plant in Saint Petersburg. Today, it only takes minimum effort to lift or move a heavy load. And fantasy turned to reality when these hi-tech exoskeletons were used for the first time.

An exoskeleton contains special support plates, which help one maintain the correct position of one’s back and not bend it when lifting loads. This keeps one’s skeleton healthy, makes it a safer job and prevents work-related diseases,” comments Igor Lozhkin, Technical Director at Exorise LLC.  

Depending on the model, an exoskeleton can decrease the stress on a worker’s spine by 30 to 80%. This makes it a lot easier physically to operate in an industrial environment. Thus, the X-Soft and X-Rise models are used for operations when one has to handle loads or when one has to hold his/her arms raised above his/her head for extended periods of time.

The Exorise exoskeletons are already widely used at major production sites across Russia. Aside from the Kirov Plant, this product of engineers and designers from Magnitogorsk is seeing a pilot application at the sites of such companies as the Magnitogorsk Mill Roll Plant, Severstal, Rusal, Gazpromneft, PIK and others.

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