NMSTU aims to develop collaboration with Egypt

In the Year of Humanitarian Exchange between Egypt and Russia the team of the Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University met with the Attaché of the Embassy of Egypt in Moscow to extend the collaboration.

The meeting was held in the Cultural Center of Egypt in Moscow. The NMSTU team, consisting of Mikhail Chukin, Rector, Igor Kulkov, Lead Specialist on Collaboration with Recruiting Agencies of the International Office, and Tatiana Abramzon, Director of the Institute of Humanities, and Doctor Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Elsergani, Attaché of the Embassy of Egypt in Moscow for Education and Culture, discussed key issues on development of collaboration on education and science between Russia and Egypt.

In particular, the parties studied the opportunity of joint research and development projects, factoring in the NMSTU laboratory facilities, summer courses in English, and events organized as part of a cultural exchange.

“Now we are determining a format of events: it will be either Days of Egypt in Magnitogorsk, or events such as workshops on calligraphy, Ancient Egyptian drawing, or lectures on history of Egypt. We intend to organize a temporary exhibition of copies of museum exhibits, representing cultural heritage of Egypt, stored at the Cultural Center of Egypt in Moscow”, commented Igor Kulkov, Lead Specialist on Collaboration with Recruiting Agencies of the International Office.

Regarding prospects of the collaboration between Russia and Egypt, we should mention new strategic aims of the Arab state. Egypt is heading towards industrialization of the country. Thus, the project on revamping and modernization of the coke and chemical by-products plant is under development in Helwan (note: the city on the bank of the Nile). An open economic zone is being established in Egypt, and the largest manufacturers, including in the field of mechanical engineering, such as KamAZ and BelAZ, will operate in this zone. Besides, production of railway trains, including electric locomotives and railway cars, in Egypt is under consideration. MSU and SPbU, the largest Russian universities, intend to open their branches in Egypt.

In view of this, one of key subjects of the meeting was NMSTU’s participation in a major project supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Egypt: establishing a research and education center on metallurgy in Egypt together with one of the Egyptian universities. The NMSTU specialists also received an invitation to take part in the program of the Cultural Center of Egypt and present master’s degree programs offered in Russia in English for students from Egypt.

In the following month the Attaché of the Embassy of Egypt will pay a return visit to discuss further collaboration.

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