Opening of Magnitogorsk Materials Week 2022

On the 28th of November NMSTU welcomed participants of the 7th International Scientific Workshop Magnitogorsk Materials Week 2022 dedicated to the memory of Alexander Zhilyaev, an outstanding scientist in engineering of nanostructured materials.

Leading specialists in this field attended the workshop to pay tribute to Alexander Zhilyaev, share research experience and discuss currently important issues of metal and alloy forming.

The Magnitogorsk Materials Week is organized by the Zhilyaev Laboratory of Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials. The idea of workshops was put forward in 2018 by Alexander Zhilyaev, leading scientist, professor, Head of the Laboratory of Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials. Since then workshops are held annually (twice per year). Speakers included over 15 scientists from various countries: the USA, Spain, Great Britain, India, Italy, China and Russia.

This year within five days of the program well-known materials scientists from Moscow, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg will give plenary lectures and scientific reports on physics and mechanics of gradient, bimodal and heterogeneous metallic nanomaterials of higher strength and plasticity for advanced engineering applications.

The welcome speech was given by Dmitrii Terentev, Acting Rector of NMSTU:

“This conference is great experience for students, postgraduate students and specialists in metallurgy, materials science and metal forming. I hope that the participants can apply in their research something new gained at this event. I wish you successful outcomes of the collaboration!”

The invited speakers include well-known scientists, such as Vladimir Stolyarov, Professor of the Mechanical Engineering Institute (Moscow), and Alexander Vydrin, Head of the Metal Forming Department, South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk). NMSTU is represented by Alexander Pesin, Professor of the Department of Materials Treatment Technologies. A report will be also delivered by Daria Komkova, a young specialist of the Institute of Metal Physics (Yekaterinburg).

Vladimir Stolyarov, Chief Researcher of the Mechanical Engineering Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, described his research activities:

“A core field of my research is studying and developing materials with a nanostructure. This is extremely interesting and valuable in practice: by decreasing a size of a crystal structure, we can create or design materials with unconventional properties. The objective is to make such methods efficient at minimum costs. Now, there are rather many materials with such structure. In the near future we expect a leap in not only understanding of such materials, but also in implementation of nanostructured properties. It should be noted that students also develop this research idea. Now, my two students are preparing to defend their PhD theses.”

Besides, the workshop participants include colleagues from Belarus, namely a group of students who are on an internship studying fields of research activities, specialists of JSC Ural Steel and others.

“The conference promotes connections between scientists and students, support of research and understanding of a current level of science. The first lecture showed that complicated issues were explained to the students in clear language”, noted Alexander Pesin, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Professor of the Department of Materials Treatment Technologies.

A common objective of this workshop is to bring together scientific ideas leading to innovations from a basic point of view and potential practical applications as structural materials, and to new functionalities.

“I study a microstructure of materials after severe deformation, namely symmetric rolling. The Magnitogorsk Materials Week for me is a great opportunity to learn much new information, get unique experience and meet people engaged in my professional field of activities. I would like to thank our university for such opportunity”, shared her impressions Anna Baryshnikova, a second-year master’s student of NMSTU.

The Conference will be closed on the 2nd of December. Today, the workshop participants will visit the Zhilyaev Laboratory of Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials, providing leading scientists from Russia and abroad with an opportunity of development of science-driven technologies and pilot and experimental equipment to produce new materials with a unique amalgam of properties, such as plasticity and strength for advanced engineering applications in aviation, car, military and other industries.

We invite everyone interested to join this great scientific event aimed at sharing experience and scientific ideas in the field of materials science at Magnitogorsk Materials Week 2022.

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