Practical Course of Communication (English)

The discipline is read for first and second-year students of a master course (1,2,3 semesters). The total working intensiveness amounts to 432 academic hours including class work - 162 hours, self-instruction work – 270 hours. ECTS equals 12. While mastering the given discipline students are to take a credit with a mark.

The main goal of the discipline is to improve the level of students’ professional qualification acquired at the previous stage of learning; provide students with skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, with particular emphasis on intercultural communication. The primary goal of the discipline is to teach communicative competence – that is, the ability to communicate in English according to the situation, purpose, and communicative role of the participants. The discipline builds on and extends the foundations for accurate and fluent practical communication established in the previous levels to developgeneral language skills and touse more complex English and cope with more demanding communicative situations.

The discipline ‘Practical Course of Communication (English)’extends lexical and functional skills, enabling students to take part in genuine communication through the use of a wide variety of stimulating and challenging activities.These may include:conducting and contributing to meetings and interviews, giving presentations, discussing key intercultural concepts, developing cross-cultural awareness, communicating andcorresponding effectively,developing confidence in communicating in English, writing reports, discussingaspects of English life and cultureof contemporary Britain.

While mastering this course, students are encouraged to assume a certain responsibility for their own learning, and to develop learning skills. Further goals are to promote the students’ perception of the place and role of the given course in their professional training, especially in forming essential skills of their profession.

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