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Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

The discipline is read for first-year students of a master course (2 semester). The total working intensiveness amounts to 72 academic hours including class work (lectures and seminars) - 30 hours, self-instruction work – 42 hours, revision before an exam – 0 hours).  ECTS equals 2. While mastering the given discipline students are to take one credit.

The main goal of the discipline is to form systematic knowledge about the theory and methods of teaching foreign languages essence; provide students with the skills necessary to form intercultural communication interdisciplinary based.

Apart from the research approach practical skills in teaching foreign languages students acquire self-reflection, self-assessment, and self-study on professional level.

While mastering the academic discipline Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages students get to know the basic notions of Teaching and Training theory, some up-to-date foreign languages teaching approaches. What is more, students are taught to apply the received theoretical knowledge in the course of Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages taking into consideration all significant nuances of contemporary School organization and management process as it is and student assessment basis.

Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages implies studying types, methods and techniques of Teaching Foreign Languages process. Students are taught to maintain teaching activity, use effectively the up-to-date pedagogic technologies while forming and developing the second and first linguistic identity in a pupil, as well as intercultural communicative competence formation.

They learn to meet constantly changing demands and requirements a modern-day specialist is to correspond to. As a result, students get a good command of Teaching Foreign Languages skills, techniques and methods of scientific documentation process on the whole.

The most important issues students are to cover while studying the given discipline are: Language Education, Language Education as a general theory of Teaching foreign languages, Language Identity as a center of Language Education, A Text as the object of Communicative Activity of a man, Language Politics in Linguistic education, Contemporary Approaches to the meaning “communicative competence”, The History of Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, The contemporary assessment schemes in Teaching Foreign Languages, The Foreign Language Lesson realization in practice.

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