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Metallurgical facilities design

Major – Metallurgy

Specialisation – Ferrous metallurgy

Degree – Master

Course units:

  • Plant and equipment of steel-melting shops. Basic oxygen furnace shops.
  • Plant and equipment of steel-melting shops. Arc-furnace melting shops.
  • Design basics of new steel-melting shops.

Course contents:

  • Goals and objectives of the course. Achievements, weaknesses and prospects in development in the matters of structure, equipment, and design of steel-melting shops.
  • History of creation, state-of-the-art and prospects. Generations of basic oxygen furnace shops, their general description.
  • Representative design of the first Russian basic oxygen furnace shop, its structure and equipment. Critical overview of the representative design. General description and evolution of representative design shops.
  • Structure (departments) and layout (general plan) of a modern basic oxygen furnace shop. Supplementary shops (production units, facilities) of the converter-melting complex.
  • Converter section of a basic oxygen furnace shop. Structural, equipment and logistics features of shops of different generations.  
  • Continuous steel casting department with linear and multi-row arrangement of machinery.
  • Other departments of basic oxygen furnace shops: scrap department, mixer department, cast iron overflow department, department of primary treatment of slag, bulky materials and ferroalloys.
  • Introduction, development, state-of-the-art, and prospects of construction of arc-furnace melting shops. Design of a modern arc-furnace melting shop. Structure, equipment, and logistics of arc-furnace melting shops.
  • Creation and development of open-hearth shops. Shops of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd representative designs, their general description. Types of open-hearth shops. State-of-the-art and prospects. Design (departments), structure, equipment, and logistics of an open-hearth shop.  
  • General principles: Design (project) description, definitions of project facilities, engineering, procurement, construction contractor and subcontractor, chief project engineer, design and construction (reconstruction) sequence of shops.
  • Design technology: design goals and objectives, main stages and levels; set of construction documentation, purpose and general description; construction (reconstruction) feasibility criteria.
  • General description of design engineering and project of a new steel-melting shop.  Steel-melting shop as a design object.
  • General principles of a steel-melting shop design and their rationale.
  • Types of melting unit structures. Capacity of a melting unit, number of melting units in a shop; Secondary metallurgy methods and units; types of a continuous steel casting machine, its size and optimum number.  
  • Reconstruction, expansion, and upgrading of steel-melting shops. Reconstruction efficiency of operating steel-melting shops, options and prospects. Reconstruction of basic oxygen furnace shops. Grouping of operating open-hearth shops as reconstruction objects, their general description and prospects. Major directions and organisational and technical solutions of reconstruction of basic oxygen furnace shops. Reconstruction of open-hearth shops.


  • Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  • Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  • Office-hours.

Total – 252 hours

Total points – 7

Laboratory classes – none

Midterm assessment – pass/fail examination

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