Applied Mathematics

Course – Land Transport and Technological Facilities

Qualification – Master’s degree

Modules (sections, themes) of the discipline

Unit 1. The concept of the model and modeling. Primitive models.

  1. Models and their aspects. Symbolic model features. Models of applied mathematics. Correlation of empirical and theoretical approaches.
  2. Models converted into the solution of linear or nonlinear algebraic equations, transcendental equations and its systems.
  3. Models of Interpolation, Extrapolation and approximation.

Unit 2. Ordinary differential equation-based models.

  1. Cauchy problems for ordinary differential equations.
  2. The boundary value problem for ordinary differential equations.

Unit 3. Partial Derivative differential equation-based models.

  1. Setting of the problem for differential equations in partial quotients.
  2. The Solution of the boundary value problem for differential equations in partial quotients.

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