Research Fundamentals

Course - Land Transport and Technological Facilities

Qualification– Master’s degree

Modules (sections, themes) of the discipline

  1. Academic staff training in Russia.
  2. Science and scientific students’ research.
  3. The concept of science and the classification of sciences.
  4. Research work stages.
  5. Research work approaches.
  6. The concept of the method and research work approaches.
  7. Philosophic and general methods of research work.
  8. Private and separate methods of research work.
  9. The research work preparative.
  10. The choice of the research issue.
  11. The planning of the research work.
  12. The main resources of information,
  13. The composition, language and pattern of reports and scientific articles.
  14. The effective models and inventions license language and stylistics features.

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