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Specific Cranes

Course – Land Transport and Technological Facilities

Qualification – Master’s degree

Modules (sections, themes) of the discipline

  1. The theme of the special role and importance of the cranes in mechanization and automation MRTS works in construction, transport, metallurgy, mechanical engineering and other industries. Brief description and main objectives of the course components.
  2. Classification and types of special cranes, their main difference from the general purpose cranes.
  3. Promising new directions in science and technology. New directions in theoretical and applied mechanics.
  4. Topic New areas of technological development: energy; transportation systems; information technology and robotics; Applied Mechanics; Materials Science.
  5. Modern methods of organization and management of information and traffic flows in production - logistics. Various Logistics
  6. Production Logistics: concept, purpose, objectives and characteristics. Production processes at the enterprises, their structure and classification.
  7. Diversified modern flexible manufacturing system. The traditional concept of organization and logistics management of material flows in production logistics.
  8. The theme of goals, objectives and functions of distribution logistics. Location of logistics stocks in the logistics system. Classification of inventories. The types of models of inventory management.
  9. Essence, principles and functions of transport logistics. Strategies for vehicle maintenance. Types of transport and their indicators. Classification of goods transported. Transport management.

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