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Foundations of Informatization

Code – 230100   Information and computer science; section: Software of computer equipment and automation systems

Qualification (degree) – Master

Description of course modules (sections, subjects):

  1. Informatization and its role in development of the society.
  2. Federal state program on informatization of Russia.
  3. Analysis and feasibility study of development of an information sector of the Russian economy.
  4. Conceptual areas of standardization and development of international standards database for informatization projects of Russia.
  5. Economic, legal and organizational mechanisms of informatization in Russia.
  6. Concepts of solving complex problems of informatization in Russia.

Syllabus of the course:

Information society: role and importance of information revolutions, scientists’ view on information society. Role of informatization in development of society. Informatization of society. Experience of informatization and forward-looking ideas. Role of mass media. Information culture.

Subject matter of the problem and rationale of need for its settlement. Key goals and objectives, terms and stages of program implementation. Program as a tool for implementation of the strategy on a transition to an information society. Key principles and basic provisions of the Program. Content of the Program (list of the Program’s basic projects). Resources support of the Program. Conditions of establishment, management and control of implementation of the Program. Assessment of performance, social and economic results of the Program.

Domestic market of electronic media services (pay TV and Internet services). IT market in Russia. Working out a long-term strategy of development of the IT sector in Russia.

State of, and trends in development of informatization infrastructure abroad. State of informatization infrastructure in Russia. Proposals regarding a state poly of development of informatization infrastructure in Russia.

Basic and application methodological research and development in information technologies and systems. Technology of software engineering – software engineering. Information security in projects on informatization of Russia. Legal support of informatization of Russia. Standardization of software and hardware to support projects on informatization of Russia. Mechanisms of implementation of projects on informatization of Russia. Concepts of development of guidelines and selection of competitive projects by sections of the Council for Informatization of Russia. Support of informatization of Russia provided by a higher education system.

General provisions on development and implementation of projects on informatization of Russia. Priorities of projects on informatization. Requirements for informatization infrastructure. Conversion of defence sectors to support informatization of Russia. Arrangement of development of projects on informatization at a federal and regional level.

Teaching methods:

  • lectures,
  • laboratory work
  • students’ independent work performed according to the teacher’s task in classrooms and on an extracurricular basis, including use of technical training aids (compulsory),
  • tutorials.

Total hours – 144.

Total credits – 4.

Laboratory work – 0.5/18.

Form of interim assessment – exam.

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