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Web and CALS Technologies Development of Software Package

Code – 230100   Information and computer science; section: Software of computer equipment and automation systems

Qualification (degree) – Master

Description of course modules (sections, subjects):

  1. Standards for Web and CALS technologies.
  2. Keeping classifiers and reference books, management of design, process and maintenance data and amendments.
  3. Management of quality data, projects and work flows.
  4. Subsystems of search, message exchange and integration with CAD, CAM, ERP.

Syllabus of the course:

Objective of the course: introduction to a set of basic principles, management and information technologies providing a lifecycle of tools at all their stages, while they are based on use of integrated information environment where all participants (products’ customers, developers, manufactures, and operators) of such lifecycle have cooperation by electronic data exchange.

Tasks of the course

The course is aimed at:

  • study of standards for CALS technologies,
  • learning of object-oriented database developed on the basis of data models as per ISO 10303 STEP (GOST R ISO 10303),
  • study of Web technologies.

Teaching methods:

  • lectures,
  • laboratory work,
  • students’ independent work performed according to the teacher’s task in classrooms and on an extracurricular basis, including use of technical training aids (compulsory),
  • tutorials.

Total hours – 108.

Total credits – 3.

Laboratory work – 1/36.

Form of interim assessment – exam.

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