Computer-assisted Research in the Control and Automation

Abstract of an academic programme on
Computer-assisted Research in the Control and Automation


Major – Technical System Control

Qualification (degree) – Master

Course modules (units, topics):

  1. Science and scientific profession: definition, classification of professions, passport of a profession, classification of scientific results, structure of research.
  2. Research methodology: concept of a methodology, characteristics of research activities, means and methods of research; organization of research, automation of scientific research.
  3. Experiment: main definitions, aims and objectives, examples of objective-setting for experimental study.
  4. Software for experimental data processing automation: representation of experimental data, classification of experimental data processing modules, Data-Mining technologies, classification of data processing software, experimental result visualization tools.
  5. Automation of preliminary processing of experimental data: blunder filtering algorithms, validation algorithms of distribution types.
  6. Automated procedures of the cluster analysis of experimental data: aims and objectives, similarity measurements, clustering procedures.
  7. Automation of empirical modeling procedures: stages, model specifications, model parameter evaluation, model applicability evaluation, role of residuals in model building, models with structural changes.

Course contents: The course deals with basic principles, methods, and framing of scientific research. General issues of creating automated research systems (ARS), their constituents, creation principles and typical configurations are under study. The course mainly focuses on the applicability of electronic computing machines in the ARS, and application of specialized software and its specifics when used as part of the ARS.


  1. Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  2. Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  3. Tutorials.

Total – 216 hours

Total credit points – 6

Laboratory – 54

Midterm assessment – examination

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