NMSTU! Thank you!

I was given the opportunity to study as a visiting student in the university for the spring/summer semester with a dedicated team of talented and interesting teachers who made a huge commitment towards improving my knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture. From learning Pushkin by heart to Russian phraseology, fairytales and translation, I have been given an opportunity here which few students are offered anywhere, and I am extremely grateful for that.

Not only the teachers, but the administration worked tirelessly just so that I would be allowed to study here, since visa restrictions are tight and the amount of paperwork high. When I arrived they made sure I had Russians my age to help me out (which makes a world of difference when you don't speak the language very well) and just to hang out with, and I always knew that if I had a problem, there was someone who could support me.

Outside of the challenging but stimulating academic life here at MGTU, I have been given the opportunity to take part in an English poetry competition and an English singing competition. Not only did this show me just how much diverse talent there is amongst the university's student body, but also how aware and respectful their teachers have made them of anglophone culture, which I am very appreciative of.

My time here at MGTU has been something that I'm not sure I could've expected; I don't know what I expected, but to be greeted with the warmth and intellectual stimulation that I was has made for a unique and special time here and I'm incredibly thankful to all of the teachers and staff who have been a part of that. Thank you MGTU!



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