Message of appreciation

First of all, I was really curious about Russia and Russian education system when I was in Turkey. I've heard very different approaches about them.I thought it would be really diffucult to communicate in english with people in Russia but when I've met with many people on there that changed my mind fastly especially lecturers are quite well speaking in english which was really valuable because we understood eachother without any problem or translator.

Secondly, I studied Russian language in magnitogorsk with great teacher ms. Natalya Zerkina. She really helped us about Russian language. I am pleased about it.

I am so happy to meet with our Turkish lecturer on there too. Murat Özcan, not just as a Turkish also with great mind and helpful behaviors who felt us like we were in our home. Thank you so much for everything.

And all my Russian friends! Bogdan,Kosta,Sergey... I've met with really amazing friends in magnitogorsk which I cannot forget in my life.They are quite polite and helpful for everything.They were in big part of our hearts who always care about us and enjoyed time together.I am so thankful for them.

As a result,Magnitogorsk State Technical University was the right choice in my life which felt me more experienced and annexed precious informations for my future.Thank you so much for everything !



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