Problems of Modern Management in Transport

Major – Technology of Transport Facilities

Qualification (degree) – Master

Course modules (units, topics):

The course consists of the following units and topics:

1. Introduction.

Topics: General characteristics of transport management types.

2. Transport production management.

Topics: Methodological framework and peculiarities of transport management framing. Peculiarities of transport as an object of management. Main stages of the development of Russian transport management system and its modern state. Organisational structures of management, their design and development in transport. Management of the development and usage of transport production facilities. Transportation process management. Principles and methods of improvement of managerial decisions. Information support of transport management processes.

3. Strategic, tactical and operational management in transport.

Topics: Scientific-and-methodical framework of strategic management. Environment analysis. Defining the mission and goals. Choosing strategies. Execution of a strategy.

4. Innovative management in transport.

Topics: Innovations as an object of transport management. Innovative management and manager’s functions in the field of transport innovative activities. Development trends of transport science and transport production. Display of innovations in transport and their evaluation. Innovative management framing. Innovative management and strategic management in transport.

5. HR management in transport.

Topics: HR management methodology. Recruitment services, their structures and functions. HR management of a transportation company.

6. Environmental management in transport.

Topics: Environmental management concept. Functions and methods of environmental management. Transport environmental improvement management.

7. International management in transport

Topics: Transport management in developed countries. State regulation in transport.

8. Transport risk management.

Topics: Risks in management. Risk management and reduction.

9. Transport marketing-management.

Topics: Passenger and cargo transportation market. Marketing research system. Transport marketing management.


  1. Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  2. Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  3. Tutorials.

Total – 108 hours

Total credit points – 3

Lectures – 18

Practicals – 18/4И

Midterm assessment – pass/fail examination

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