Special Issues of General Logistics

Major – Technology of Transport Facilities

Qualification (degree) – Master

Course modules (units, topics):

The course consists of the following units and topics:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Logistical flow parameters.
  3. Logistical flow parameter control in logistic systems.
  4. Problems of logistical elements interaction.
  5. Logistics control.
  6. Logistic system analysis and synthesis methods.
  7. Global logistics.
  8. Procedural and institutional aspects of modern logistics.
  9. Logistics development prospects.


  1. Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  2. Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  3. Tutorials.

Total – 288 hours

Total credit points – 8

Lectures – 11

Practicals – 33/30И

Laboratory – 33/30И

Midterm assessment – examination

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