Course: Computer Control Technologies in Engineering Systems Programme Summary

Major: 27.04.04 Automated Control

Degree: Master

Course units:

Section 1. Decision support technologies

  • Unit 1. Classification and overview of control technologies
  • Unit 2. Decision support technologies in research projects
  • Unit 3. Application of computer technologies for the organisation of team work
  • Unit 4. Model-based systems, expert decision-making systems 

Section 2. Computer technologies behind automated information systems

  • Unit 5. Data acquisition and processing technologies. Data storage technologies. Database management systems.
  • Unit 6. Software. The concept of soft and hard real-time systems
  • Unit 7. Data representation in a computer. Setting up computer memory. Processor commands, operation sequence management. Setting up input and output processes.
  • Unit 8. Design and management systems. SCADA systems. Development and execution environment. SIMATIC WinCC, Real Flex Genesis, Citect, InTоuch, Trace Mode
  • Unit 9. Computer technologies and research. Conducting experiments with the help of computer tools. 

Section 3. Network technologies of information and computer systems

  • Unit 10. Network topology. Industrial networks and their features. The wireless network technology and its standards.

Course contents:

This course is focused on basic computer technologies behind decision support systems and automated information systems. It also covers the basics of network technologies.

The course is aimed at giving the learners a comprehensive idea about the specifics and capabilities of advanced automated control technologies.

Course objectives:

  • To define the role of computer technologies in process control systems;
  • To learn about key control technologies applied in engineering systems;
  • To practice the use of computer technologies for engineering and experiments.


  • Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  • Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  • Office-hours.

Total hours – 108

Total points – 3

Lectures – 10

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