Current Problems of Control Theory

Appendix 1

 Course: Current Problems of Control Theory

Programme Summary

Major: 27.04.04 Automated Control

Degree: Master

Course units:

Section 1. Control theory and the evolution of the present-day society.

  • Unit 1. Key characteristics and features of complex control objects and systems.
  • Unit 2. The problem of synthesis as the core problem of the current control theory
  • Unit 3. Optimization approach to management
  • Unit 4. Synergy approach to management.

Section 2. The current problems of building control systems.

  • Unit 6. Modelling of complex dynamic control systems.
  • Unit 7. Decomposition and aggregation when studying complex dynamic control systems

Section 3. Key research areas in management.

  • Unit 8. Artificial intelligence techniques in control theory
  • Unit 9. Neuron networks and control systems
  • Unit 10. Fuzzy control systems
  • Unit 11. Distributed parameter systems.
  • Unit 12. Evolution of automation and control devices.
  • Unit 13. Methods and control in social and economic systems.

Course contents:

This course covers some major problems of the present-day control theory. The students will learn about the current developments of control systems of various applications, study the current control system patterns and find out how control systems are implemented with the help of advanced devices.


  • Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  • Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  • Office-hours.

Total hours – 216

Total points – 6

Laboratory activities – 36

Midterm assessment – Examination

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