Special Issues of Electric Power Supply. Part 1

Programme Summary

Major: 13.04.02 Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

Specialisation: Power Supply

Degree: Master

Course units:

Unit 1. Current trends in municipal power supply

Unit 2. Power supply in high-rise buildings and structures

Unit 3. Power supply for electrical equipment designed for specific industrial applications

Unit 4. Power supply for surface mining operations

Unit 5. Power supply for underground mining operations

Unit 6. Power supply for concentration and sintering plants used in steel industry

Unit 7. Power supply for explosion and fire hazardous installations

Unit 8. Power supply for lifting and conveying equipment

Unit 9. Advanced power supply schemes used for agricultural consumers

Unit 10. Start and self-start of electric motors


  1. Teacher-led group activities in a classroom;
  2. Extracurricular self-study of the teacher’s assignments and tasks, including the use of educational facilities (obligatory);
  3. Office-hours.

Total hours – 144

Total points – 4

Classroom hours – 40

Unsupervised hours – 68

Midterm assessment – Examination

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