Practical training in Danieli


On the 5th of October, our students returned to Magnitogorsk from Italy where they had undergone an onsite practical training in Danieli, the largest industrial enterprise in Europe. They are the best graduate and postgraduate students majoring in Rolling production, Metal-forming process machines and technology, and Materials technologies.
The students explored the following aspects:

  • Corporate organisation,
  • Technologies applied by the company,
  • Modern mechanical equipment of rolling mills,
  • Rolling mill control system,
  • Roller guides design and their attractions,
  • Design and attractions of upgraded finishing units of mills for rolling sections,
  • Technological aspects of the rolling mill engineering,
  • State-of-the-art automatic performance of rolling and steel casting processes, etc.

The students had an opportunity to meet the company’s representatives. The company’s specialists shared information about state-of-the-art metallurgical technologies, and our students talked about their scientific and technical preferences.
The students received internationally recognised certificates upon completion of the training.   The students are going to use the information and work experience acquired in the course of the practical training in their research works. The successful training may further their careers not only in Russia but abroad.

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